Is there a minimum rental period?2019-04-10T03:26:15+00:00

If you sign up to our subscription package, you can cancel at any time with a 90-day termination period. The weekly subscription rate also includes free delivery within 20km of the Adelaide CBD, screen setup, content management, ongoing support and insurance.

What about insurance?2019-04-10T03:28:05+00:00

You don’t need to worry about it. It’s all included in your regular rate.

What if I only want a screen for a short term?2019-04-10T04:28:45+00:00

We can help. As well as our subscription packages, we also offer an event solution where you can have access to our digital signage for up to seven days with pricing starting at $400. This is an all-inclusive rate.

What’s included in the cost?2019-04-10T03:23:04+00:00

Pretty much everything. Our pricing is all-inclusive, covering delivery within 20km of the Adelaide CBD, initial screen set-up, data usage, ongoing content management and insurance.

Are there any contracts?2019-04-10T03:21:21+00:00

Once we’ve agreed on a delivery date and subscription package, we’ll send you a fairly standard services agreement that you’ll need to sign and return to us. You don’t need to be locked into a long-term contract, though. We’re flexible and want to find the best solution for you.

How much does it cost for delivery?2018-11-13T05:32:17+00:00

Delivery is free within 20km of the Adelaide CBD. We’re also happy to deliver to other areas for a nominal fee.

Do I have to know how to operate the screen?2019-04-10T03:20:10+00:00

Not really, other than turning it on (though you can leave the screen playing constantly if you prefer. That’s up to you). We’ll look after all the technical stuff so you can focus on other things. If you’d prefer, we can give you access to our very intuitive content management system, giving you full control over the screen’s contents. You’ll just need to allow around an hour for some basic training.


How easy is it to change content?2019-04-10T03:18:26+00:00

Extremely easy. Just tell us what you want and send us any new content via email or file-sharing software like Google Drive or Dropbox. We’ll upload it to your screen and include it in your updated content playlist. Or, if you’d prefer, we can give you access to our very intuitive content management system, meaning you can control the content yourself. 

I don’t have any content. Can you help?2018-12-23T03:14:29+00:00

For sure. We’ve got a really slick digital design team who can create some eye-catching content at a reasonable rate. We’d recommend letting us know ASAP if you want us to create your content, though, so everything is ready when we deliver your screen.
Alternatively, there are some great free online tools that will help you build your own content. We’d recommend Canva. It’s smart, easy and free!

How long can the screens run for?2018-11-13T05:39:18+00:00

Our commercial-grade screens are built to last. You can run them 24/7 without any problems. We can also set them to turn off at set times each day if you’d prefer.

What kind of content can I display on the screen?2018-11-13T05:41:16+00:00

There’s not much you can’t do with a Digital Screen Hire screen. We’re partnered with a world-class software team that allows us to display a huge variety of content, including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Video streams
  • Animations
  • Audio
  • Personalised social media feeds, including Instagram and YouTube
  • Website feeds
  • RSS feeds
  • HTML archives
  • Built-in widgets, like local weather, time, news, etc
How big are the screens?2018-11-13T05:42:02+00:00

We can provide screens in three different sizes – 43-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch. The 43-inch is the most portable and lightest option and great if you want easy manoeuvrability, the 55-inch is obviously our largest and heaviest screen, while the 49-inch offers a happy medium. The 43-inch unit is 180cm tall and 63.5cm wide; the 49-inch display is 185cm tall and 70.7cm wide; and the 55-inch machine is 190cm tall and 78cm wide. All the units have a slimline profile of just 4.5cm.

Are the screens easy to move?2018-11-13T05:42:58+00:00

Yes, very easy. Our custom-made screens have lockable castors, so they can easily be manoeuvred pretty much anywhere. Our screens are portable so you can maximise their potential.

Do I need an internet connection?2018-11-13T05:44:14+00:00

No. All Digital Screen Hire screens have 4G modules, meaning we can remotely upload content to any location that has mobile coverage.

What’s a content playlist?2018-12-23T02:48:09+00:00

A content playlist is your personally selected group of content – like videos, images, social media feeds or websites – that we compile then send to your Digital Screen Hire screen. Think of it like a musical album – but instead of just sounds, it plays pretty much anything you can think of. We can set the frequency and length of time that each piece of content is displayed, too, to make sure you’re getting your message across as effectively as possible.


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